Deasy School 2nd Graders

Deasy School Second Graders enjoyed their time learning how to BE SAFE, BE KIND and WORK HARD throughout the past few years.  Now it's time to move up to 3rd grade!

Be Ready For 3rd Grade!

Summer is a time to have fun with your friends, spend time with your family and go outside and PLAY!! However, it's important that the learning continues.  Studies show that kids who stop reading fall back 2-3 reading levels.  We don't want that to happen so we've put together some writing activities, reading challenges and math worksheets to keep your child's skills sharp and prepare them for 3rd grade.

Reading Challenges

We've picked out 100 spots for you to read this summer - see how many you can read in for 10 minutes or more.

Writing Challenges

Get a pencil and a journal and see if you can write about some great topics.  Click the tabs below for writing ideas.

Math & Spelling Challenges

Calling All 3rd Graders

Mr. Battaglia reached out to Landing School 3rd graders and one of their main concerns was children knowing their math facts!  It's so important to know your addition and subtraction facts quickly and accurately.  I promise if you practice them it will make school easier and more fun!

Math Playground

Addition and Subtraction games!! So many to choose from!

Math Playground.png


Tons of games to keep you learning and having fun. 

abc ya.png

Flash Cards

Have a parent print these up and practice them all summer long.  See if you can say the math fact faster than your parent!

flash cards.jpg
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