High School Science

Deasy School students got to visit Glen Cove High School and conduct experiments with Glen Cove High School teacher Ms. Bunyan and science coordinator Ms. Doeschner.

Glen Cove High School

Experiment 1

Physical Change

Ms D. asked us to mix a sugar cube with water.  We shook the sugar cube and it dissolved into the water.  This was a physical change because the sugar and the water are both still there.  We tasted the water too.  Some kids liked it and some did not.

The students rode a bus to the high school after lunch.  They started conducting the experiment at 1:00.  Was it 1:00 am or 1:00 pm?  How do you know?

Watch the video below to learn more about am and pm

The second experiment was a slow chemical change.  We started the chemical change at 1:30 pm.  The chemical change was finished at 2:00pm.  How many minutes did it take for the chemical change to happen?  Can you say that amount of time in another way?

(Hint - H_ _ _ an hour)

Click on the picture below to play a time game.

abcya telling time.png

Experiment 2

Chemical Change

Ms Bunyan added a coper wire to liquid nitrogen.  The liquid nitrogen changed the copper wire and the water.  The water turned blue and the copper wire started to grow crystals.  This was a slow chemical change.

Experiment 3

Chemical Change

Experiment 3 was our favorite.  We made elephant toothpaste! It's not really toothpaste for an elephant but it looks like it!  For this experiment we needed dishsoap, blue dye, hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide.  See the video and answer the math question below!

Math Question

The dish soap costs 1 quarter to buy. 

The color dye costs 2 dimes to buy. 

The hydrogen peroxide costs 1 nickel to buy. 

The potassium iodide costs 2 $1 bills to buy.  

How much did it cost to buy all the materials for the experiment?

Want to learn more about money?  Click here:

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