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Pumpkin Weight Guessing Contest

Making the Video
Step 1:  Practice the script that Mr. Battaglia gave to you.  Remember to read nice and loud when you practice.  Click below to see our script.
Step 2:  Get ready to make a video. You will need a table to put the pumpkin on, a nice background, the script and of course the camera.  An iPhone will work for this!
Step 3: Make your movie look really good on iMovie.  You need to edit it to make it look like an awesome video.  If you're a child you might need to ask your parents for help.
Step 4: Publish to youtube.  Send the video to the principals, teachers and parents through an email.  Also tell your friends too.

Learning About Weight

You will need a scale.  We asked the nurse to borrow her scale!

You will need to weigh things.  Some things are easy to weigh because they fit on the scale but some are not.  See what we did to figure out the weight of a chair.

Set up a pumpkin guessing contest in school.  Make sure you make nice decorations for the students.

Weigh the pumpkin and announce the winner!

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