Holiday Hallway Math

This year Deasy Elementary School decided to have a little Holiday Hallway decorating competition.  While completing our amazing decorations we realized that there are so many every day math problems in our decorations.  Try to complete Mr. Battaglia's classes holiday hallway math problems.  Please note that the numbers chosen for the math problems don't all line up exactly with the pictures.  Have fun learning!

There are 9 candles on a menorah.  So far Nathaly lit 4 candles on the menorah.  How many more candles does she have to light to light all of them?

There are 16 stockings hanging on the chimney in Deasy school.  There are 25 stockings hanging from the chimney in the middle school.  How many stockings are there in all?

Izaiah is counting trees in a forest.  He noticed that there are 15 trees in the top row of a forest.  There are 17 trees in the second row of the forest.  There are 28 trees in the third row of the forest.  There are 3 reindeer in the forest.  How many trees are there in all?

Santa told Max that there were 22 penguins in the North Pole.  Max saw 8 of the penguins playing outside in the snow.  The rest of the penguins are inside of the igloo staying warm.  How many penguins are inside the igloo?

Autumn and Valeria built two friendly snowmen playing.  One snowman is 42 inches high.  The other snowman is 21 inches high.  How much taller is the first snowman than the second one?

Kameron counted 51 snowflakes on the ground.  Dante counted 79 snowflakes falling in the air.  How many snowflakes did they count in all?

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