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Math Mat Day

Deasy School 2nd graders had the opportunity to learn math in a BIG way.  We used our giant math mats do add and subtract numbers, find the place value of numbers and work with teach other to find the right answer.  Students enjoyed moving around the mats and learning math through auditory, visual and kinesthetic styles. 

Place Value

Students learned how to read and build 3 digit numbers.  Some questions included: *What's the value of this digit?

*What number is this?

*How many tens are in my number?

Number Line

Students learned how to add and subtract numbers.  Some questions included:

*What's 9-7?

*What's the difference between 12 and 4?

*What's the sum of 6 and 8?

*Will I get the same answer if I do 5+6 and 6+5?




Students were asked to throw a bean bag on a number and ask their friends quiz their friends about that number.  Some questions included:

*What are the value of the digits in my number?

*What is 10 more or 10 less than mynumber?

*If I added 1 one-hundred to my nuymber, what would it be now?



Special thanks to all the teachers, math AIS teachers, math coordinator and teacher's aide's for helping with this fun day.

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