How to Conduct a Pumpkin Guessing Contest

Making the Video
Step 1:  Practice the script that Mr. Battaglia gave to you.  Remember to read nice and loud when you practice.
Step 2:  Get ready to make a video. You will need a table to put the pumpkin on, a nice backdrop, the script and of course the camera.  An iPhone will work for this!
Step 3: Make your movie look really good on iMovie.  You need to edit it to make it look like an awesome video.  If you're a child you might need to ask your parents for help.
Step 4: Publish to youtube.  Send the video to the principals, teachers and parents through an email.  Also tell your friends too.

Counting the Pumpkin Seeds

Step1: You will need a knife, a pumpkin and some construction paper to keep it neat.

Step 2: Make sure you have an adult to cut open the pumpkin.  Kids are not allowed to use knives.

Step 3: Cut open the pumpkin and take the top off.  Carefully take out all of the seeds before you count them.   Be careful... it is very gooey and sticky inside of a pumpkin.  You might need baby wipes to wash off your hands.

Step 4: Let the seeds dry over night.  If you count them when they are wet they might slip out of your hand.

Step 5: Figure out an easy way to count the seeds.  If you count them one at a time you might lose count and it will take a whole entire day!  Kasper knows!  We can make groups of 10 with your pumpkin seeds. 

Step 6:  Circle the groups of 10.  Put ten 10's together to make 100.  Then count all of your seeds!

Step 7:  Announce the winner. 


We had 6 hundreds, 3 tens and 8 ones.  That's equal to....


600 + 30 + 8.  That' equal to


638.  Another way to write that is


six hundred thirty eight.

Congratulations to Amaya and Madison for the closest guesses!


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