Deasy School 2019 Spring Concert

Our 2019 Spring Concert was themed around Broadway Show Songs.  Mr. Battaglia's Class students noticed there was some math involved in our spring concert so we decided to tie it into our current math unit - graphing.  We collected data, drew some bar graphs and created pictographs.  Check out our math page that consists of videos from our concert along with math pages, games and printables that will be beneficial for kids to practice.

Favorite Songs of Students in Mr. Battaglia's Class

Oh What a Beautiful



Consider Yourself


Do Re Me




Give My Regards to


ll    2

lll    3

lll     3

llll   ll  7

llll     4

Print a Blank Bar Graph and Chart Our Data!


How many more kids chose the song One than the song Give My Regards to Broadway?

How many kids in Mr. Battaglia's class voted in all?

What was the least chosen song?

What 3 songs were chosen by a total of 10 students?



Come and play this interactive game about sorting and graphing!  This game will play automatically on a PC but you may have to download the app on an IOS device.

Reading Graphs

Click on the following links to access a printable worksheet about reading picture graphs or bar graphs.

bar graph image_edited.jpg

Click me to play a game on an ipad.

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